Homemade Pasta!

Making pasta is not exactly a hard task however, the logistics of pasta making when you are an army of one can be challening. I've done the task by myself and managed just fine but I can attest that it is easier with a partner in crime. Since I got my KitchenAid Mixer and bought… Continue reading Homemade Pasta!


Red Velvet Cupcakes

    We had a baby shower at work this week and I signed up to bring cupcakes! My go-to site for anything sweet (specifically cupcakes) is Sally's Baking Addiction. Her recipes are amazingggggg but they are definitely time consuming--so be warned. For these red velvet cupcakes I made them Sunday morning (shower was Monday)… Continue reading Red Velvet Cupcakes

Overnight Egg Bake

I'm the type of person that needs a little time in the morning to become human--that means coffee and food. With a 40-ish minute long commute to work I have to eat before I leave every morning. One of my favorite things to have for breakfast is egg bake. I make it Saturday night/Sunday so… Continue reading Overnight Egg Bake

The First

Hi! I'm Lexi and one of my favorite things in life is cooking and baking! I grew up in the kitchen next to my parents and most often my grandmother. She was a natural cook using sparse recipes with measurements notated as 'a little of...'. I was always impressed with how anything she made tasted… Continue reading The First